5-1-30 and Goal Setting

Learned of this method called 5-1-30, which is a goal setting process. You begin by doubling your age (if you’re 60+, think of your age at 90) and from there think about the things you want to have accomplished by then. At the same time, think about the things that you want to avoid doing at that age. 

From there, the focus here is to consider some shorter term goals to get to that point. Taking from the title, you imagine the things you need to accomplish in 5 years to set you on the pathway to your longer term goals in the first part. Make suer to be specific and measurable goals (for more detail look up SMART goals).

From the 5 year standpoint, look next to plan out what to do over to reach those long term goals in 1 year. Once again, look to plan out attainable and measurable goals. 

The last piece to this plan is to consider what you need to do over the next 30 days to put you on track for your 1 year goals. The focus for this goal setting process is to identify measurable and attainable goals that you set out for yourself over time.

I really like this method because it forces you to consider lofty, ambitious goals far in the future, and seeks to make that pathway more and more realistic by changing and shortening the time period to attain smaller goals as they relate to your current self now. 

I’ll definitely be using this goal setting process for my longer term goals; look out for those post(s?) in the coming days/weeks.