New Horizons

Since my plan to start blogging more has started following yesterday's post, I thought that it would serve me well to talk a bit more about how I'll now be shooting only with a mobile device (iPhone). I sold my Fujifilm X100T recently and parting ways with it was a lot more sweet than I'd thought it'd be. 

The past few months with my X100T were strange to say the least; I had a turbulent time between moving away from my previous apartment, leaving a job of 3 years and starting a new one, being family that I'd not seen in so long, and being introduced to new people. In light of all these changes, I think my photography workflow has evolved. Maybe a better way to describe this is that my previous workflow of shooting with my small mirrorless cameras has gotten very long in the tooth.

I ended up selling my camera to someone I found on Craigslist but I was extremely pleased to find that the camera, along with the rest of my gear, would go to someone who would appreciate and care for the camera in all of the ways that I feel it should. I think that's what made it feel so final and so real; that the best possible scenario for parting with my camera, and parting with that part of my life, happened. 

It's interesting to think about... I've been shoting with different variations of the same camera for so long. Coming from my first camera, a small entry-level Nikon DSLR (the 3100 to put it into perspective), then moving to a X100S, then a X-T1, then going back and forth between that and X100T's, it's been the better part of the past 5 years of my life that I've been in and out of the Fujifilm and mirrorless world. 

A lot of my photography ability and prowess has been honed by that brand and it will always have a soft spot in my heart. I will say that the metaphorical "torch" that is being passed now to a purely mobile photography workflow isn't completely new. I've gone through this phase at least twice before by selling the then-iteration of my camera for just a phone-based photography existence. Suffice it to say, I didn't stick with it as evidenced by my previous statements concerning buying and rebuying cameras.

This feels different, though. I feel I've really passed the torch to someone who can bear its weight well. Now, I feel more prepared than ever to shoot with just my phone. Also, my lifestyle and needs no longer require something as robust as a dedicated camera system.

All in all, I'm glad for this change. It feels like I've been trying to shake off my camera gear obsession. I know I'm able to take and make great photos with anything I have on me, and an iPhone is more than enough for my needs. Its limitations will only make me a better photographer as I seek out better light, framing, and other conditions.

Not to mention that I'm now going to explore the wild world of film photography... but that's for another post :)

- Derek