Planting, Blooming

I realize it's been quite sometime since I've posted here. A lot has been changing in my personal life and I think, in its own way, that's been affecting my photography. Much of my work is about self discovery though I don't actively look for instances to self discover; usually only after the fact can I see how my relationship with photography is affected by my personal life (and maybe vice-versa).

Forcing myself to get out and shoot more of NYC reflects a lot of what I see my life will become. Some recent windfalls and lucky breaks mean that I will eventually be back in the Big Apple. I'm looking forward to it. How this will relate back to my photography I don't know. It could mean a return to more portrait work since I, as of late, have been reneging on that side of my work. It will likely mean just doing more work; I think this is a given. It could also mean more conceptual work too, whatever that may manifest as. 

Mostly I think my life will see some changes, most for the better, and others unexpected. I always told myself that 2018 wouldn't be "my year". It'd be the year where I plant the seeds, of which I would then reap for the future. I am trying to curb my expectations with what feel like flowers blooming and try to remind myself to continue planting the seeds that will come in time to flower in the future.