My 2018 Workflow

Pretty simple post here, nothing crazy either. I wanted to document my workflow plan for the next year. This will help me to chronicle my progress as well as any changes therein. 

I also wanted to document this journey on the very slim chance that there is anyone out there who is impressed with my work (cough cough) and feels that it's too difficult to do work of a similar caliber. I always like to think about the entry costs to any kind of endeavor or activity, or the things that a person should be doing. 

Anyways, on to my actual tools:

  • Fujifilm X100T 
  • Fujifilm TCL-X100 (sometimes)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud // Lightroom
  • VSCO Film Pack 06 // Portra 160
  • Dropbox Account

That's really it! I obviously also have some accessories that I make use of and some smaller idiosyncratic workflows that I will likely detail in a later post, but for the time being the above 5 items are all that I use to take, edit, and post my shots. 

In terms of the actual workflow itself and how it makes use of the above tools, see below:

  1. Shoot image in RAW format.
  2. Import into Adobe Creative Cloud // Lightroom.
  3. Apply VSCO Film Pack 06 // Portra 160 filter + edits & tweaks.
  4. Export photo(s) into a folder locally which is synced to Dropbox.
  5. Save photo(s) to iPhone and post to Instagram.

I guess my real goal to posting this and making this process public is to make it clear that what I'm doing is extremely accessible if photography is something that you are passionate about in the way I am. When i started shooting photos and really diving into the world, there was a lot that seemed alien to me, from cameras and lenses to editing and social media accounts. 

All I wanted to do was just go out and shoot. Suffice to say, I still want that but now I have almost 10 years of background to back me up in that desire so it doesn't feel as daunting. I like to think I've put time into pulling back the curtain on individual photographers and their workflows to better inform me about how I should have my own. 

Now I want to give back for anyone with the patience to read into this.

Here's to hoping that you find it as useful as I've tried to make it.

- Derek