Validation, Social Crutches

Am noticing that in my never-ending pursuit of the best running and weight lifting routine to suit my goals, I always go back to the same few Reddit posts. Specifically, this one has a thread whose second comment spells out basically my exact approach to lifting while running (two workouts a week with an “A” day and “B” day).

I don’t need to go to this page to tell me stuff that I know already, but I find myself seeking out this page and thread, specifically to validate what I already know.

It’s weird but I don’t find this bad in the way that a person who only speaks to others with similar views and opinions may be detrimental, i.e. a bubble, but I do recognize that my insistence on this form of validation is a kind of social crutch.

I know what I need to do and yet I still seek out sources of information that validate me and my choices. I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t need this validation or social crutch, and yet I find myself relying more and more on these kinds of things.

What does this say about me?