Hello - my name's Derek Cortes,

Firstly, thanks for visiting this blog. I started this page as a way for me express myself creatively but I found that I'm more than just a creative person; I'm also a deeply analytical person, an extremely emotional person, and someone who is always on the lookout for a way to better himself in all the ways I have can. These realizations came at a time for me when I found that the different kinds of media that I consume, specifically social media, forced me to conform to their standards of what was seen as "social". To that end, I wanted to find a way to combine passions in a way that I was real and honest to myself.

Which brings me back to this website. I've tried to create individual headers for this blog about the things that I'm passionate about most. Call these my "feeds", if you will, but they're all about me. Ultimately, I don't expect anyone to read this page, let alone contact me about it. I just wanted a forum wherein I can be honest with myself.

All contact and inquiries directed to: hello@derekcortes.com